Back home (finally)

One moment you are packing your suitcases for a trip to Dallas and Nashville and the next thing you know February is almost over and somehow you don’t clearly remember what you did all those days. At least it stays light outside a little longer now that I am back and it is a bit warmer. I am trying to think back and write down what we did, but can’t be sure I won’t forget anything.

I left for the US on Jan 31st and believe I did most of my stitching for the entire trip during the train ride to the airport. Below are a few pics of my progress on Shepherd’s Bush’s FaLaLa. Great kit BTW, everything is included, it’s a quick stitch and I just love the colors.

Zwolle – Amersfoort (had to change trains)


Amersfoort – Schiphol (drats, I couldn’t finish it completely, I was hoping I’d be able to do so and send it back to my mom).


(There’s a picture missing on my camera, so I’ll show you the final result tomorrow).

Met Ria and Rob at the airport, we checked in and off we went. It was a rather quiet flight as both of us were a wee bit tired and we decided to catch up on some sleep. I believe I did manage to stitch a bit more on the plane on FaLaLa, but it’s a bit hazy. What I do remember is that on a 8.5 hours flight, they served us drinks twice and the food was pretty horrible. If you are considering flying US Airways, you might think again.

Had a few hours in Philly and I got myself a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and fries. Boy, are those great! We got on another plane to Dallas and during that 3 hr flight, they took better care of us than on the intercontinental flight. Go figure. Met D and family at the airport and it sure felt good to be “home’ again.

Sunday we went to Granbury and had the best time. We did some geocaching, some shopping, some eating, some icrecreaming and it was all great. Not much stitching got done, if any as I went to bed early. That seemed to be the general theme of the week, me going to bed early.

We shopped most of the next couple of days, went to 3 different bookstores, a Joann’s, a Michaels, a Hobby Lobby, another Joann’s, a Bath and Body Works, the Container Store, a Cheddar’s, several Starbucks, Wallmart and probably a couple of other places my memory doesn’t remember. I got to buy some scrapbooking stuff and was very good and didn’t buy any new fabrics. Oh, and we went to a  Brass Pro Shop where they had more animals up on the walls than a regular zoo. So not my thing. No offense to anyone who hunts, but I just don’t get it.


On Friday we had to leave and boy, that gets harder every time. Fortunately, the weather in Nashville was almost as pleasant as in Dallas, so we could leave out the winter jackets. It took a while to get the shuttle to the hotel, but we could sit in the sun, so it wasn’t too bad. Had diner at the Ruby Tuesday’s with the Workbasket gals and then back for the Meet and Greet. There were less exhibitors than usual, but we still managed to have a good time.

Saturday morning we were up rather early to be ready for market in time. Market was a lot of fun, about a floor less exhibitors but those who were there had great things to show and buy. We certainly enjoyed ourselves and managed to buy enough to fill up our suitcases. What’s the point of bringing 2 suitcases each if you don’t fill them up :).

Once we got home, it was almost straight to Rijswijk. We had a great Nashville afternoon and then started packing up for Rijswijk. I left on Friday with my dad and we were finished setting up the booth around 4pm. Good timing, the first year we couldn’t find the venue and didn’t arrive till 3pm only to find out they closed at 5pm :).


Had a lovely show, it is always great to see our customers and be able to talk to them. Back home we unloaded the car and I was home around 11.30pm. Pfew. Only to find out the next day that my dad was quite sick, which turned out to be bronchitis later that week. Had to rearrange our plans for Zwolle as we normally bring our own booth. Fortunately, everything worked out and this is what our booth in Zwolle looked like, quite familair don’t you think LOL.


That’s all for now, it’s time to hit the road to the shop. My to do list is quite long, so we’ll see how far I’ll be getting.

4 thoughts on “Back home (finally)

  1. Welcome back, Annemiek! So nice to read about your travels, but sorry to read that your dad fell ill. I hope he’s better now. Your booth looks very inviting!

  2. I loved to read about your trips to Dallas and Nashville. Must be great to see the market and browse all the new things.
    You had great booths in Zwolle and Rijswijk. Oh how I miss going to cross sticth fairs and craft shows.
    All the best to your father.

  3. I am so glad you had a wonderful time in the US, and that you are still doing Rijswijk. I am also really glad that Zwolle is doing well. Give my love to your parents.

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