Willy update

When 2009 started I was aware that January was going to be a short month (just 4 weeks to go to work and then leave for the US). Despite that knowledge, I still thought I could stitch up a storm. As we’re more than half way through January, I have come to realize that the big storm is not going to be as big as I thought it could be. I am not complaining about what I have accomplished so far, as a matter of fact, I think I did quite good. But I had really hoped to get Willy stitched before I left. Alas, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Here’s how far I am. Sorry the picture isn’t better, but I took this during the evening.


Her body has been stitched and I am working on her scarf. This project is a lot fun, in great part because of all the wonderful Weeks Dye Works colors that are used. They are so cheerful and I love how they work with the fabric. I think that Willy will come with me to the US and I might be able to have her done by the time I get back. During market (Nashville) we hardly get to stitch at all, but I am hoping that while being in Dallas, we’ll have some serious stitching time :).

7 thoughts on “Willy update

  1. Willie is coming along great! I can understand that you love stitching with those colours. They are so vibrant and lively. And when it’s very snowy or rainy outside it’s a joy to add some colour to one’s world.

  2. Willie is tres cute, Annemiek! Great colours.

    Ooooh, I can’t wait to see what you bring home from Nashville (and what I’m going to be taking home afterwards). I do hope you get some stitching time in Dallas, though. Stitching on the plane, does that work for you?

  3. So cute! I do know how to cross stitch, but don’t know how to finish things nicely. I made my first scissor fob this week-end and it turned out OK, but not great. So can you recommend a book or website for me?


  4. Those are coming along nicely, and oh so cute! I have not been able to use Weeks Dye Works threads yet, but the more I see designs stitched with them the more I want to try. Can’t wait to see the next update! Take care.

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