Most boring picture


No doubt this is the most boring picture on this weblog. I have hesitated quite a bit whether to post it or not as I was afraid my blogreaders would just fall asleep behind their computers and their nose might hit a “delete” button, or your nose, ear and eyebrow might hit “contrl, alt, delete” and the damage would be unimaginable.

I do hope that your curiosity is stronger than the sleepiness this boring picture might cause. The reason is very simple, despite this being so boring, the outlined linen is supposed to become my Marker Sampler which is a class at the shop. And I must admit that I started yesterday evening and really like how it is coming along. The prework however was tedious, I really do not like basting, however in this case I just had to do it.

Stay tuned for a progress picture next week. I hope to get quite a bit done over the next couple of days.

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