Really exciting news

Over the past months I have worked on a new series of designs: A Primitive Year of Floss Tags. Those who receive my shop’s newsletter have already seen the January design. I am thrilled to say that the first design is now completely ready. It’s stitched, assembled, I have just finished up the paperwork and am now ready to launch A Primitive Year of Floss Tags.

Here’s how it works. You can either sign up for the whole year (at $ 24.00 for a whole year) or buy the designs as they are released (at $ 3.50 per design).  The designs are in pdf format and you can print them at home. If you join for a year, you will get access to a yahoogroup where you will find the charts, but also many other goodies. I will have give-aways, a contest or two, an alphabet to personalize your floss tag, a tutorial and whatever fun I can come up with.

Without much further ado, here is the January Floss Tag:


Email me at info at needlescontent dot com (or click here) and put Floss Tag in the subject line. Also, specify which option you would like to have (subscription for a year or a specific design) and I will email you a paypal invoice.  For European EU stitchers I will see if we can work something out through Bic and Iban codes.

3 thoughts on “Really exciting news

  1. That is really very exciting. Congratulations. You know that I am not a stitcher (much) but surely think that January is very cute.

    Good wishes,

  2. This is just the cutest floss tag I’ve seen. Great little creation, Annemiek! I’ll have to buy one by month. I’m going to email you off list if I can.

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