OSAD project update

My One Strand A Day (OSAD) project is moving along nicely. The hardest part is probably to stop stitching after I have added my one strand. Honestly, this design is so much fun, that I could just let everything else go and only concentrate on my 3 winter squares.

Here’s what the sampler looks like now. Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish with one strand a day?


I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll take this project with me to the US. I know I could make significant progress (I would definitely be stitching more than one strand per day), but it kinda ruins the fun of doing just one strand. On the other hand, a finish is a finish and I’d love to have this one done by the end of February. Besides, it makes the perfect thing to stitch on the plane. No changing of colors, just counting.

Marjorie Massey has at least 2 more designs that are done this way (stitching the negative), there is one with Nature as a theme (think lots of animals and flowers, really cute) and one themed around the Sea (also very tempting to stitch). I might continue my OSAD project with one of these.


7 thoughts on “OSAD project update

  1. Only one strand a day seems difficult to fathom, but fun all the same. Boy does that take some willpower. LOL Your stitching is so pretty, Annemiek. I was at the Stitchin Post here in Nashville and Pat Embree (shop owner) knows exactly who you are. I signed up for market and that’s why you came up in conversation. She knows I have a blog and visits it from time-to-time.

  2. Annemiek, it is looking gorgeous. I keep saying to those who claim to have no time that all they need to do is 1 strand a day and they will see progress. And this is definite evidence of that.

    Enjoy Nashville. Not this year for me, I am afraid.

  3. Wow what a great idea just OSAD. Hmmmm trying to decide if I have a project where I can do just one strand a day. Have to admit it would be hard to stop…lol.

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