Update on my UCSC.

Last weekend I managed to get another design finished on my UCSC (Ultimate Cross Stitch Challenge). I finished Measure Twice, Cut Once from the Prairie Schooler and love the design.


This is definitely one of my favorite PS designs, the quilts, the thread spools, it’s so lovely. Check out my UBU weblog to see a picture of the entire piece of line.

So far 2009 has been a good stitching year :), this is my third finish. Maybe that’s the reason we have WIP’s, if you get quite a bit done in the previous year, it definitely helps to build up your list of finishes in the next year.

Next up on this piece is a small design from the Birdsong leaflet.

4 thoughts on “Update on my UCSC.

  1. Goodwork, Annemiek. It’s also a favourite pattern of mine and you’ve spurred me on to add to my 2009 stitching list.
    Happy stitching!

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