Almost made it.

Remeber how I said I wouldn’t start my mystery project until both Winter Fantasy and Grandma Pitty-Boo were done? Well, I am happy to report that I almost made it that far. Winter Fantasy is just a few more darning stitches from being finished (edited: Winter Fantasy IS finished), GPB is still the way she was and I did start my mystery project. It will be my one strand a day (OSAD) project until it is finished. Then I can start another OSAD project.

As this is stitched all in one color, it is perfect for a OSAD project. This project will be my morning project, just before I go to work, I can do one strand. I will have to time myself to see how long it takes, but it sure will be fun. Ofcourse I had do a few more strands last Sunday when I started the project, but as I had finished my Hardanger part on Winter Fantasy I felt I could do it.

This is Petits Carrés Hibernaux from Marjorie Massey. It’s been in my stash since September and I absolutely LOVE it. It’ll be quite a while before it’s done as you stitch the background and not the motifs, but that’s ok. I might bring it with me to Dallas and Nashville as a OSAD project is very suitable for plane travels LOL.

Fabric is 36ct Edinburg linen, color 53 (raw) and the thread is Soie d’Alger 2925.


I need to get a picture of the complete chart and will post that next time I give an update. I’ll try to give an update every Thursday. But I can tell you already that I have done quite a bit more since I took this picture :). It’s so addicting to keep stitching, but the office expects me to be at work around 8.45am. Don’t know why, but I guess if I’d like to get a paycheck I’d better be there LOL.

I will try to post a picture every week so that you can see what progress I have been able to make. I must admit that as of today, I have worked several strands of silk instead of just one LOL.


2 thoughts on “Almost made it.

  1. You are stitching before you are going to work? How late are you going out of bed then? I’m already happy when I can drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning. 🙂

    Looks beautiful, can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Your work is impressive. Even managing to work one strand in the morning. You just keep on, keeping on. Have you already told about going to Dallas and I missed it? What a fun trip – when are you leaving and for how long?


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