Remember Chilly?


Here’s a sad story about Chilly the snowman. A long time ago there was a snowman who was stitched on 32 count blue Belfast linen. He felt quite good about himself until he discovered that apparently the snowman stitcher wasn’t going to fill in his blank spots or give him arms. So he shivered in the cold as the blank spots were in his scarf which was supposed to keep him warm. And he couldn’t even wrap his arms around him to stay warm. And he longed for some company. He used to have two friends to have fun with, but his stitcher hadn’t touch the fabric in months and he wondered if he was ever going to see his friends again. All spring, all summer and all autumn he was tucked away in a drawer, never to see daylight, wondering if the snow would melt, longing for some company.

And then one day, the drawer got opened, the fabric picked up and the blank spots in his scarf were stitched. Chilly felt sooooo much better. Now if only he could have some friends around. So he gathered his courage and told his stitcher that she really needed to stitch him another snowfriend. That he couldn’t survive another winter all alone. That no doubt she would also feel much better if she could cross off another one of her projects. Surely there was something to gain for all.

His stitcher listened to him and got to work. She stitched for hours on the fabric and slowly a new snowfriend, Milly, emerged. She told Chilly that it would be a while before his snowfriend would be completely finished, but that she’d try to get it done soon. And that for now Chilly would have to make do with a snowfriend who was still missing her hat and had blank spots on her scarf, but who was at least able to talk to him. However, while stitching Milly, the stitcher got in the mood and finished her almost completely. Just the outside border needs another color and once all three snowmen are done, she needs to add snowflakes and some buttons. But so far, she’s doing pretty good and Chilly is feeling much better.

Ofcourse, Chilly and Milly teamed up to talk the stitcher into working on Willy as well. Being the understandable person that she is, the stitcher decided to get a start on Willy too. Maybe, maybe this will be finished in time before she hops on a plane to Nashville. Here’s a picture of her progress.


PS: I guess the snowmen will have to wait a little longer to get their arms. I need to get a skein of WDW Rust for them and just can’t seem to remember that when I’m in the shop :).

6 thoughts on “Remember Chilly?

  1. How wonderful that Mr. Snowman now has a friend to praten met. Very cute. And thank you so much for sending me the little tags. Yes, I can be ready for next year. I have a few sewing projects that didn’t get finished in time, so I will have several items all ready come December. 🙂

    Will you come visit in March when I am there?

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