Choices, choices, choices……

There is this one project that I am soooooo longing to start. I have been strong so far and just admired the design. Last week I gave into temptation a little as I couldn’t decide what combination of threads and fabric to use. The design needs to be stitched in red and for most of the design, you stitch the background, meaning you’ll see a lot of the red thread. So I decided to make a few samples, see below.


Upperleft is Soie d’Alger 2925 on raw Belfast and next to it is Soie Cristale 2013 on the same fabric. Below is SdA 2925 on antique white Belfast. I think I’ll go for the SdA 2925 on raw Belfast, I love how the thread is showing up.

However, as long as I haven’t finished Winter Fantasy and Grandma Pitty Boo, I cannot start this project. I repeat to myself, I cannot start this project LOL.


One thought on “Choices, choices, choices……

  1. I know what you mean, I find it impossible to only have one project on the go, I’m good at starting things, but not ending them!

    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

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