Little House Needleworks finish of 2008

First of all, Miss Murphy would like me to thank you for your kind words of understanding and sympathy. She says she feels much better now that the noise is gone and she can go back to enjoying her beauty sleep. And she sure is glad that there is no such thing as the fourth of July over here :). Now if any of you could persuade her “servant” to give her more cat milk, she’d be perfectly happy LOL.

This is one of my last finishes of 2008, Pumpkins by Little House Needleworks. I stitched the piece I think in 2007 but never got to the actual finishing. I found it will going through my WIP’s and UFO’s and thought it would be a good idea to get it done. It’s finished as a matrass pincushion.


And the back is quite simple, I realize now I should have added my initials and the year :(.


I would really like to try to get more things put together this year, not just get them stitched, but get them finished into whatever form I’d like. I have already made a template for my Norwegian Reindeer ornament, the backstitches are done, now I need a quiet hour or so and get to the final finishing.

5 thoughts on “Little House Needleworks finish of 2008

  1. This is a very nice finishing. I love this technique but have never tried it myself.

    I agree with you – just putting away the stitched pieces isn’t a good attitude, lol. I do it myself with most of my stitched pieces instead of finishing them. I should change this …

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