Poor Miss Murphy

She had a pretty rough night over New Year’s Eve. Over here it is allowed to set off fireworks the whole day and lots of people seem to have nothing better to do. So during the day she gets more and more antsy and by the time it’s midnight, she’s pretty stressed out. She will cuddle up next to me, lay there for a while, jump up when something spooks her, go into the study, lay on her blanket for a while, go back to me and this routine keeps going.


Here she is, hiding in the hallway, all because of this:


And this


Let’s just say, she and I are really glad it’s over and it’ll be another 364 days before we have this again.

6 thoughts on “Poor Miss Murphy

  1. One of our dogs is afraid of fireworks. We didn’t really hear any this year on New Year’s Eve; it’s worse for her on independence day (July 4). Since it is summer at that time, our windows are open and the fireworks are much louder. Poor animals – I feel so bad for them!

  2. Aw, poor kitty… ours is jumpy like that, too, although fortunately the neighbors all wait until 12:00 to go nuts! The 4th of July is way worse for her. She hides under the bed most of that day.

  3. It’s never fun for pets! I’m glad for Miss Murphy it’s over now.

    I wish you, your family and Miss Murphy a very happy new year, without further fireworks.

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