Goodbye 2008 and hello 2009


I hope that 2009 will be a wonderful year, filled with good health, happiness, gratitude, blessings, love, laughter, thoughtfullness and of course lots of stitching.

This morning I created a new folder on my computer for my 2009 projects and it kinda felt weird. Just as weird as stitching the new year on my very first finish of 2009. It’ll take a wee bit before I am used to either writing or stitching 2009.

Last night I was going over my WIP’s and couldn’t find anything I really wanted to work on. I guess I have been holding off starting something new for more than a week and I was weakening at the knees (or should that be hands in this case). I saw the perfect project to do, searched the entinre apartement for over an hour to find the leaflet, couldn’t find, moped for another hour and finally settled on the project below.


Scandianvian Stitches

Norweigan Reindeer from the JCS Christmas issue 2008

Stitched on 32 ct. Belfast natural with Soie Cristale no. 2013

It was a lovely stitch, nothing complicated and it gave me the chance to stitch a bit more with this gorgeous Soie Cristale that I got in September. Just LOVED stitching with it. The picture is a bit dark, but the weather is grey outside so the lightning isn’t too great.

As I didn’t blog in 2008 after Christmas, I have some other WIP pictures to share as well. Here’s an update on Albemarle.


This time a couple of threads are showing, but I was too lazy to pull them to the back :).

And a picture of new project that I started a while back. It’s Seasons of Change by Bent Creek and ever since it got out, I’ve been wanting to stitch it. Earlier in December I decided it was time to go ahead, so here are the first motifs in various ways of being stitched.


And here’s another start, no, don’t worry, not another project, but a new machine was added to the house. It’s a Senseo Latte Select which will allow you to make a cappuccino with real milk. All by pressing a single button (not counting the preparations LOL). Just drank it and it’s great.


And finally a picture of what the world looked like over here yesterday.


It’s pretty much the same today, after almost a week of sunshine and cold temperatures. The good news is that people are skating outside and the longer this cold is holding up the better the chances we might have an Eleven Cities Tour. But that might be a wee bit too much wishful thinking.

Don’t forget to visit Carol’s weblog. As per request by Miss Murphy this amazing stitcher put together a slide show. I’ll have the camera handy to catch Miss Murphy if she’s going to pull another stunt like she did last year (scroll down to January 3rd). Thanks so much Carol.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2008 and hello 2009

  1. Happy New Year Annemiek, I hope you have a good 2009.

    Love the ornament, I must get around to stitching this one, as it’s one of my favourites. Albemarle is looking wonderful too, I do like the thread you’re using, great colour!

  2. I just love the reindeer! It is adorable . I loved the picture of the trees and snow too. Quite lovely and much different then what we have around here. Enjoy the new year! Take care.

  3. The reindeer ornament is just lovely.. I have also marked it in the JCS issue and will perhaps stitch it in the Ornament Challenge 2009.

    Bent Creek is among my favourites, too. I have so many of their charts, I think I should definitely pull one out to stitch this year.

    Have a great new year 2009!

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