Christmas gift for my parents

I’ll be off in a few minutes to visit my parents for the day, but I wanted to share what I have been stitching for them. My mum had instructed me NOT to stitch anything this year, but as I have been stitching them a Christmas gift for about 8 or 9 years, I couldn’ t break the tradition.

This year’s design wasn’t that hard to choose as my mom had commented quite a few times that she loved this particular design. And I figured I could do this in time, so I started at the end of November and was finished with the stitching about 10 days later. What took me a little longer was the piece in the upper right corner. There is supposed to be some sort of detached buttonhole stitch there, but it just didn’t work out. The stitch looked awful, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it better the second time and time was running out on me.

So I picked up my tiny knitting needles and actually knitted a teeny, tiny scarf for that box. It was quite fun to do, but just that itty bitty piece took me about 2 hours to do. However, I think it makes the piece look even better.


Here’s a close up of the scarf:


And don’t you just love the mittens charm?


As per the instructions I used invisible thread to attach them and make sure they would stay in this position. And I can tell you, invisible thread means just that LOL. You really can’t see it and it’s kinda hard to get it in the right place. I just knotted off the ends and even that was difficult as I couldn’t see where the thread was.

Gotta go, I’m being treated to my parents’ special apple pie and turkey diner.

7 thoughts on “Christmas gift for my parents

  1. This gift is so thoughtful and perfectly stitched and finished – your mother will love it. What a wonderful idea to stitch this tiny scarf, it looks adorable.
    Enjoy the visit at your parents.

  2. This piece is stunning, Annemiek! I love it! Your parents are going to LOVE it. I’m with you, I love that teeny tiny scarf you knitted and those mittens. Yep, that invisible stuff is quite handy, but it isn’t the easiest of threads to use, is it?!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Talk to you soon!

  3. Simply spectacular. Your mom was, no doubt, just overjoyed with all your effort and fabulous work. Hope you had a great holiday and now onto 2009.

    Good wishes,

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