Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody, I hope you have a wonderful day and that the holiday season may bring you peace, love, happiness and some stitching time.

Over here, the sun is shining, it’s beautiful weather outside, but I am soooo looking forward to the cold they forecasted. It means that after 4 or 5 nights kids will be able to skate outside and it’s been years since that has happened. And it’s even better now as they are on holidays.

Over at Casa Rey it’s quiet, warm and cozy. I have been stitching most of the day on Grandma Pitty-Boo from Keslyn Designs. A great design, with lots of specialty stitches and four roses over one in the corners. I am almost done with the center piece. Had to frog a few times as there was an error on the graph, but it is looking really nice.

I know I told in the newsletter that I would be doing needlepoint, and I might pick it up later today. Grandma PB got me so hooked that I couldn’t stop and had to keep stitching. However, as is customary for me on Christmas day, I do need to needlepoint and I would love to start a new Christmas project. We’ll see how far I’ll be getting, the day isn’t over yet and I made sure that I didn’t have to spend more time in the kitchen than absolutely necessary :).


This is how it looked when I stopped stitching. And after I ended of 20 threads, it looks like this:


Definitely much neater, don’t you think LOL.

And this is Miss Murphy’s idea of a perfect Christmas, all rolled up on her blanket. She was laying next to me for the longest time, but once the sunshine was gone, she decided she needed her woolen blanket to keep her warm.


And this is what I’ll be bringing to my parents tomorrow. They told me not to bring any gifts, but hey, it’s Christmas.


One is a stitched gift, the other a funny gift. Care to make a guess as to what I stitched for them? I’ll post the answer tomorrow.


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