This, that and a free graph

I am almost done kitting up the projects I envision I can stitch during my two weeks off from work. The operative word here is envision, I am making no promises over what will really be stitched during these 17 days but at least I am giving it a try. A more detailed list of my Christmas stitching box will follow soon.

Anyway, while kitting up a specific project, I found out that during the past 2 or 3 years I must have liked Weeks Dye Works’ Sweet Potato very much. I had not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but SIX skeins of this particular color. Can you believe that? I have no clue for which projects I used these skeins and the irony of it is, that for this project I probably need just one yard or so. That won’t make a big dent in my Sweet Potato stash :). Of course in my quite considerable WDW stash, I couldn’t find two of the colors I needed. Go figure. Lesson of today: having plenty of Sweet Potato won’t mean you have a completely kitted project LOL.

And just in case you are not in the possession of 6 skeins of Sweet Potato, this is what the color looks like:


My Christmas box is stacked with projects that I have either started last year and would love to finish or projects that have been screaming my name for too long. Not to mention all these great Christmas/winter charts that keep coming out. This is definitely my favorite season to stitch for.

I found this great free graph on Sue Hillis her weblog. Do check it out, it’s too cute.

Yo Ho Ho Ho, I can envision another project being added to my Christmas box.

I hope to be able to show some stitching pics in the next couple of days. I finished my mystery project for December, but it will take a while before I can show it. And with the shops newsletter going out tomorrow, I have been busy doing other stuff :).

Stay warm, drink a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the season.

3 thoughts on “This, that and a free graph

  1. Hi Annemiek! I love that Sweet Potato color. It’s probably the best orange color yet, and I’m not a huge fan of orange, but this one I love.

    I kit my projects as well, however, I have such a difficult time getting to them. All the new stuff that comes out is really getting to me. I want to stitch EVERYTHING right away, but I only have 2 hands! LOL

    I keep telling my mom that what I want to do is set aside at least one weekend per month and “finish” projects that are either not complete in stitching and/or are not finished-finished. But then that would take longer than any weekend could offer. Ugh!!!! Sooo much stitching and finishing and soooo little time.

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