Our contribution to the shop quilt

Last week both mom and myself finished our part for the shop quilt. Mine is a combination of my design logo and the name of the shop.


My mom however made a piece of art. She didn’t really want me to post this on my blog, but I told her that other stitchers needed to see this. Mom stitched their house as well as the shop front, all from scratch. No computer, no graph paper, just quite a bit of frogging if the result didn’t please her. I think it is absolutely amazing and think she’s so talented.


To show you how remarkably close it is to reality, here’s a picture of there house.


And here’s one of the shop’s front.


I think it couldn’t have been more perfect.


9 thoughts on “Our contribution to the shop quilt

  1. They’re both lovely – and your mother’s composition is really amazing! Thanks for posting a picture of the shop, now I have nostalgia… I’ll just have to come again…

  2. As always, your piece is absolutely wonderful. But now I know where your talent comes from…your amazing mother. Give her my best. I also love seeing the picture of the front of your shop – the house brings back memories, but I wish I could see the shop in person.

  3. Nogal wiedes dat dit getoond moest! Wat prachtig, zeg. Maar die van jou vind ik ook erg mooi. Zeg, het wordt tijd dat ik eens naar het noorden kom om een dagje te shoppen :o)

  4. Your mothers creativity and stitching are wonderful – both her house and your shop are Perfect!
    Please send her big congratulations. And thank you for your Snowflake Floss Tag… I am going to stitch it this week 🙂

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