Completely different Christmas project

As long as I can remember I have had an obsession (there’s no other word for it) for paper. Notebooks, cards, stationary, stickers and lately scrapbook paper, if I even smell paper, I have to get some. Strange thing is that photos just don’t do anything for me. Maybe that’s because I’m no gifted photographer, I don’t know. I love the scrapbooking materials, just not the photo part.

So when I discovered that you could easily use the scrapbooking materials for cards and other assorted projects that didn’t involve photos, I was hooked. Below are my first attempts at making some tiny tags. I really enjoyed using the materials I had at home and play around. They’are not all brilliant, but boy, did I have fun.




3 thoughts on “Completely different Christmas project

  1. Oh those are marvelous. What a wonderful thing you are doing – with or without photos. They are so cute and would be fabulous on a gift or give 2 or 3 as a gift. I would love to have someone give me some.

    Great job. Prima!

  2. I found your blog and absolutely love your tags! I love paper also and have been making cards for about 5 years now. Be worried…can be as addicting as stitching.

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