This is the Nutcracker design I stitched for my friend Candy for our annual ornaments exchange last Saturday. It was fun to stitch on the perforated paper, it is different from the Mill Hill paper, it has 7 stitches/cm or 18/inch. Makes it look real nice. I learnt how to do a threequarter/quarter stitch on perforated paper and the finishing was a snap. The only downside is that you cannot use a sewing method.

Our get together was wonderful. It was so much fun to meet everybody again and do show and tell. Since the last time we met was in May, there was quite a bit of catching up to do. Our ornaments exchange was a hoot, it turned out that we all had bought extra gifts to this was really Christmas in November. Below you can see a pic of all the ornaments and goodies that were exchanged.


I received the little Country Cottage Needlework ornament from this year, but you can hardly see it in this picture. I’ll have to make a close up.

I managed to start and finish a project which unfortunately I cannot show yet. But let me tell you that this paper offers a lot of possibilities. You could use it for ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards), or just regular cards. As you can just cut out whatever you have stitched, you don’t need to worry about threads going on the loose. I am sure that I will use it more often in the future.


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