Miss Murphy

Last Sunday I took these pics of Miss Murphy, sitting in the window.


Smelling the leaves of my ficus, can you see she’s got one eye on me to make sure I get her on her good side?


What’s that I spot behind the radiator? Could it be a spider, could it be dust (of course not Miss Murphy, you know the house is spotless clean)? I wonder how long I have to stare at that spot before Miss Annemiek will check it out (answer is: a long time Miss Murphy, cause Miss A is having too much fun playing around with the camera).


Oh well, if she isn’t going to move, I might as well start grooming myself. Serious business that grooming, it took her about 10 minutes.


Oh well, if you insist, you can make one more picture. It’d better be a good one, cause I’m about to leave this spot.

Thank you Miss Murphy for your cooperation on this photo shoot.


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