My project from last week

Mind you, this project was about to drive me crazy. The red border around the design is not exactly what you’d call a complicated border, but I managed to make a mistake 3 times and therefor stitched it 4 times. I can stitch that border by heart now. Not to mention the backstitches I had to frog. Boy, I thought I would never see the end of it. All this was entirely my fault, the design was flawless, it’s just that following directions isn’t always easy. Anyway, here’s Holly Biscornus by The Sweetheart Tree.




Despite all the bad thoughts I had while stitching it, I am rather proud of this finish and absolutely love how it turned out. I might even be persuaded to stitch another of these biscornus kits by The Sweetheart Tree. They are so detailed and delicate, a true treasure for my smalls collection.


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