Mystery stitching

This past week has been really nothing but mystery stitching. Nothing I can show, at least not until Sunday. But I am making quite a bit of progress, my Fair and Square pieces are done and go out in the mail today. I am about 90% done with the stitching of tomorrow’s workshop and hope to get at least all the stitching done tonight. Don’t know if I can manage the assembly as well, but we’ll see.

Last Sunday I stitched up a quick primitive project from Stacy Nash’ Christmas book. It’s called Snow (whatelse) and I did it on 40 count linen with Rosewood from Gloriana. It was a fun stitch, nothing difficult, quick to do, all it took was some careful counting.


Miss Murphy kept me company and I think that though I thought I had bought the quilt for me, it is becoming more and more HER quilt.


And finally here’s a sneak peek of another mystery project. It’s for my parents Christmas gift, so please don’t mention this to my mom :).


We’ll see how that goes, it’s another 4 weeks till Christmas and I have to maintain my reputation of starting late on this project LOL. I do think that I should be fine this year though. It’s not very complicated or big and I have only one more ornament to finish and then the rest of the year I can work on whatever project I like.


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