It’s been quiet here for a while.

I have been stitching like crazy, but nothing I can show. We have a surprise Christmas workshop Saturday and that’s part of what I have been working on. Then I have to finish my square for the Fair and Square exchange, which is also almost done, but cannot be shown until it is received.

But fear not, I do have a picture to show. This is the floss tag I made for Paula for the Hooked on Exchanges blog. I had so much fun putting this one together. Ewe and Eye and Friends have some great designs. And the fabric was great to work with too. It’s from a Dutch distributor and a sort of 36 count but it feels more like 32 to stitch on.


These floss tags are really one of my favorite ways of finishing.


And here are some books that I got recently to keep me entertained for the next couple of weeks. Two books by Alexandra Stoddard, one by Karin Slaughter and one by Ken Follet. I am reading one of Alexandra’s books right now and love it. I discovered her during my first trip to the US in 1995 and have been collecting her books ever since. These kinda slipped my attention and of course I had to rectify that.

The cute, cute little pillow is an old Prairie Schooler design that a friend made for me as a birthday gift last year. It’s in my livingroom on a shelf above the TV where I can see it every day.


2 thoughts on “It’s been quiet here for a while.

  1. Gorgeous! Both your tag and the sheepie. Oooh, you haven’t read ‘Pillars’ yet? You must! That’s the last book I remember really enjoying. As Blackadder would say: ‘A fat rollercoaster of a novel in four hundred sizzling chapters with some hot gypsies thrown in’.

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