Bad girl, bad bad girl.

Maybe you can already guess from the title of this post, that I gave in and started yet another project. I know, I know, trust me I really know I have more than enough going on. However, to my defense, this project has been laying on my table for 5 months without me giving in. And after finishing my Primitive Kitty Pinkeep by Primitive Betty’s I thought I could start something new.

This is an unusual project for me, it’s all blackwork. Not something I would normally choose, or would be so excited about. But I just *LOVE* the design. It’s been calling my name ever since we got it in the shop. This is what the design looks like:

You can’t see all the details, but there are houses around the center design and it reminds me of an ancient city with a splendid garden.

So, to make things more complicated, I figured I could stitch this on 50 count fabric with handdyed Soie Surfine by Tentakulum. And despite it being tiny (I added a pair of scissors so you have an idea of how small it is), I think it is turning out lovely.

Actually you can see so much detail, that I just spotted a stitch I forgot to make under the left fence LOL. The house on the left side is the middle of the design and since it’s square it will be about 8 inches all around.

Due to the high count fabric, I don’t think I’ll be able to stitch on this at night, but I’ll give it a try next week. I hope to be able to stitch on it every Sunday and work at least two lenghts of thread (2 yards). That’s about what I did for this. One advantage of working on high count linen, you sure don’t need a lot of thread.


9 thoughts on “Bad girl, bad bad girl.

  1. wat een bijzomder patroon! schitterend. ik kan me heel goed voorstellen dat je het niet kon weerstaan. hartelijke groeten, beerta

  2. Gasp… it’s gorgeous! Oh darn. I really do believe I may have to… get this one for me… I love backstitching and blackwork (esp. when it’s in red). And you’re doing this on 50 count fabric? Are you perchance tired of life?

  3. Annemiek, I’ve been thinking about this project, and wondered if you were brave enough to continue. I haven’t had the bravery to try it yet myself on the small count. Look forward to seeing it progress!

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  5. I do mostly blackwork and I am in awe of this pattern! 50 count? I’ve never even seen that! what thread are you using? I don’t think my thread which I use on 40 count would even work on 50. This is so awesome. naturally I have to get the pattern too.

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  8. That will look fantastic when it’s done. I’m such a fan of Sall’s work (Stitchin’spiration) I’m going to be watching your progress on this. Good luck.

  9. Beautiful … saw it on Stitchin’spiration’s site and wanted to see it on yours — got the bonus of seeing the full chart.

    I’ve never done anything so small … it’s most definitely intriguing!!

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