More needlepoint

I am almost done with this canvas and am having a ball with the threads. Isn’t it funny how you can be so much in love with a certain type of thread? These silks are absolutely great for needlepoint. I discovered that the one strand I use can probably be seperated into 4 strands as well, so I am going to give it a try and work the silk on 32 or 36 count linen to see how that goes.

It’s a good thing I have this bird almost done as the mail delivered some yummy stash last week. Here are 5 of the Prairie Schooler santa’s that were published in cross stitch the last couple of years. When in St. Charles I ordered them on 18 count canvas instead of the 13 count they normally are painted on. I *LOVE* how small and precious they are.

As I knew I was getting them, I also picked up more Baroque Silks in St. Charles to use on these canvases as well. It’ll be so much fun to select stitches for these santas. Maybe I’ll sneak one in my rotation, or if I am really good, I might wait till Christmas morning and make this my yearly Christmas start.


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