A primitive finish

Over the past couple of days I managed to finish my first Stacy Nash project. I really like how this turned out. The house was quite a bit time consuming, but very soothing for the mind :). As for the finishing of this project, I haven’t made up my mind. At first I wanted to finish it as a hanging pillow, with a cording around the edges (from fabric) and two stripes. Now that it’s done though, I am not so sure anymore, I might get it framed.

Stacy Nash Primitives – Seek Good in All Things

Threads – DMC

Fabric – 32 count Minster Linen Stone

Stacy gives directions in the leaflet to “age” your fabric by putting in the oven, but I am not brave enough to experiment with a finished piece, so I will try that with some snippets of fabric to see how it works out.

Miss Murphy kept me company while stitching on this piece, she’s really happy with herself.

If you think you can just scratch her belly, forget it. Miss Murphy doesn’t like her belly to be scratched very much and when she’s laying like this, changes are that she’ll just give you a not so gentle warning that a lady cat doesn’t have her belly scratched. Or at least not this lady cat.

3 thoughts on “A primitive finish

  1. Our cats don’t like having that part of them scratched either 😉 In fact, Thomas will only allow you to scratch his head/ears – everything else is totally off limits!

    Like your SN finish, it turned out great.

  2. Our cats love to have their bellys scratched, they drop and rollover, purring the whole time!

    Enjoyed reading your blog. You came to Texas for business or pleasure. Sorry you had a bit of a taste of Hurricane Ike.


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