This and that and indulgement

This is one of the new models in the shop, it’s a design by The Sweetheart Tree and is called Quilted Strawberry. Ria stitched it for us and we just love it. The picture doesn’t show the sparklies that are used in the design, but believe me, they are there.

This building is in Dallas and the way it is built, makes you believe that it is just one dimensional. The angle is so sharp that you can’t see anything behind the right side of the building. It’s a great optical illusion.

And here is a picture of some personal stash that I got in St. Charles. If you ever have the opportunity to indulge yourself in a 40yard skein of silk or wool for that matter, go for it. There is nothing quite like fondling such a thick skein of silk and imagining all the fun projects you can stitch with it. The red is an Impressions, which I will use for one of my many Needlepoint Santa’s. The middle skein is a Waterlilies (color Steel) for which I have no immediate use but it was too soft to let it stay behind in the room and on the right is a skein of Wildflowers which I thought would be great for skies on a canvas.


One thought on “This and that and indulgement

  1. These Caron threads are just fabulous. I especially love the Wildflowers series, because stitching with one thread (like Danish Flower Thread) is such a joy. Lovely colours, too!

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