A little framing

Just before I left for my vacation, I sent of my yellow birds to the framer. And when I got back, I could hardly wait to see how he had finished it. Personally, I just LOVE it. This is so me, my colors, my kind of design. It is hanging in the shop now, but it will get to my place pretty soon as I think it’s just too pretty. Maybe I should stitch another one.

Annemarie stitched the red version of this kit and finished it into a really cute pincushion. I already told her that it made my fingers itching to start either the red or blue version. I usually don’t stitch the same design twice, but in this case I might make an exception.

One thought on “A little framing

  1. Ooh, I know just how you feel, because this design was *such* a joy to stitch! Your framed yellow birdies look absolutely marvellous and if I were you, I’d keep them for myself. Hang them above my bed, so I could look at them as soon as I woke up!

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