Winter Fantasy

In between other stitching, I am working hard to get Winter Fantasy by Deb Bee Designs finished. It’s a great design with lots of specialty stitches and a variety of threads. I changed the original threads to ones that we carry in the shop and love how they show up against the antique white Jobelan. Here’s a picture of how far along I am at the moment.

Because of the specialty stitches used in the design, I find that using a hoop or Qsnap is really necessary. The threads lay really smooth over the fabric qand it gives the overall appearance a much neater look. Also, using the railroading technique is a must for me. I just love it when threads lay smoothly next to each other, even though the railroading technique slows me down a bit.

There are 3 more designs in this series and I am tempted to do another one. But first I have to finish this one before the workshop starts :). Better get stitching.

One thought on “Winter Fantasy

  1. Wow, you’ve been such a busy bee, Annemiek! This current piece you’re working on is stunning. Love the colours. I started using Q-snaps because I was doing a project with some specialty stitches in it. Stitching in-hand (which I religiously did) was a no-no. But since using a snap for this project, it seems I can’t so without it. I’m on the look-out for a floor stand or a large scroll frame now, so I can work with both hands all the time!

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