A needlepoint finish

Usually while visiting my friend D, I start and sometimes even finish at least one needlepoint project. At the market in St. Charles there were quite a few needlepoint designers and I took some canvasses home to see how they will do in the shop. I really enjoyed seeing all the Ewe & Eye & Friends canvasses that were at market. Usually these are done on 18 count canvas but they had a few that were painted on 24 count canvas. Which makes it look more like cross stitch.

At another vendor’s room I could pick up a new line of silk, Baroque Silk. The silk isn’t in the shop and I have to decide if we’ll carry it, but I am tempted to do so. It is a solid silk that’s 3 stranded and really good for needlepoint. With just one strand I could work on the 24 count canvas, you’d use 2 for 18 count.

This is the canvas I picked up:

And this is what it looks like stitched up with silks. I used French knots in the center, straight stitches around the center, satin stitches for the leaves and a nobuko stitch for the background. It’s a real pity that you can’t feel how wonderful the canvas feels with the silks.

I think the hardest part were the leaves, I find it difficult to figure out how to make the straight long stitches so that they will resemble a leave. Some of the leaves turned out OK, some could probably be better. The background was a fun stitch, very easy to do and it gives a nice look.

I have two more of these flower designs on 24 count canvas and am tempted to start another one. The silks are just too good :).

And since I made a few pics of Miss Murphy, here’s my furry friend being sound asleep.

I just love it when she has her little nose tucked under her paw. She will only do this when she’s really relaxed, which I assume means she’s sleeping :).

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