Primitive (cross) stitching

Primitive designs have become quite popular lately. I must admit that at first I didn’t get it. I’m a stickler for a design that is well balanced and primitive designs are just not that (at least in my opinion). However, the more I saw of the Stacy Nash designs, the better I liked them. They look really nice, fun to stitch and I love the fabrics she used.

Just before I left for my vacation, I had to put together a kit of one of Stacy’s designs for a customer. She asked me to include the threads and pick some fabric. As I liked the combination so much, I knew I had to stitch this on my vacation. It’s Seek joy in all things.

The picture is a bit dark, but I’ll try to get a better one next time. The counting is actually a bit hard as there is so much space between the motifs. But so far I have managed quite well :).

Now I already know what my next project will be in the primitive stitching line:

I really like this kitty pincushion, though Miss Murphy might object to a cat being subjected to pins sticking in her body. One thing I noticed about the more primitive designs is that you really have to count carefully. As there is quite a bit of space between the motifs, you really have to take care. I can tell from personal experience that while stitching a primitive design, you really should pay attention to the design and not assume that because a band has the suggestion of being geometrical, it actually IS geometrical :).

Another primitive design I’d like to stitch is this one:

Stacy Nash Primitives – Be Ye Merry Pinkeep Drum

The one thing that keeps me from starting it, is the finishing LOL. Not finishing the stitching, but putting the drum together. It seems quite a task to get the drum circular. But it would certainly make a sweet addition to my collection of pinkeeps.

3 thoughts on “Primitive (cross) stitching

  1. Oooh, I love Stacy Nash!!!! I bought some of her designs a while ago, and I’m crazy in love with them. But, just like you, I didn’t start a pinkeep drum yet, because I was daunted by the finishing. But 3 Little Pumpkins is so sweet…
    Love the Kitty too!

  2. He he, I have fallen in love with the primitive designs. And the pinkeep drum is easy to put together – you just need to make sure you hold your tongue in just the right space as you insert the circle pieces of fabric in the top and bottom.

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