Granbury, Glen Rose TX

We spent a day touring around the Dallas area and visited Granbury. A lovely, old (1850’s) city, that still have a town square and lots of lovely shops. As the city hall was right in the middle, it was kinda hard to get good pictures, but I hope this will give you an idea.

After visiting this charming town, we went on to Glen Rose where they have dinosaur tracks. It was great to see the tracks.

And miss Emily and me:

Right before we took this picture, we saw a real snake. Brrrrr. Being a city girl I am definitely not used to these kind of animals.

And here’s my other small project that I got done on the plane over to Chicago. This is one of the breast cancer kits that Elegant Stitch did a while ago. It’s designed by Indigo Rose and needs to be finished into a scissor sheath.

I have a whole bunch of these kits waiting to be stitched and hope to get some done before the end of the year.

4 thoughts on “Granbury, Glen Rose TX

  1. I can hardly keeup with your updates, but I have to come back, because you keep showing so many gorgeous pics from your trip to the States. Are those *real* dinosaur tracks? Yowza!
    Beautiful design from Indigo Rose!

  2. Hoi Annemiek,

    Leuke foto’s van een hele leuke reis volgens mij.
    Ook een leuk patroontje, dit van Indigo Rose. Heb je die ook in de winkel? Goed doel! Ik heb daar wel wat mee…

    Groetjes, Herma

  3. Hello Annemiek – Hope you had a wonderful time here in the U.S. Aren’t small towns great? I’ve never been to that part of Texas before – looks like it would be fun!

    Enjoyed seeing your market report too!

  4. I love that you called it an “old” city – we in the U.S. don’t really know old like you in Europe do. It looks like you have a good vist – I hope so. Thanks for the photos.

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