Hurricane Ike

While we expected Ike to hit the US first on Friday night, then on Saturday and finally Saturday night, it really hit us Sunday morning. It really was pouring down. Along with the strong wind, it made an interesting trip to the car for miss D. You can’t really see it in the picture but trust me, it was POURING. Fortunately, that was all we noticed of Ike.

In between visiting relatives, preparing for market, eating wonderful food, I also managed to get a bit of stitching done. This is one of the seasonal smalls designed by Marjorie Massey. I really love the shape of these designs. In the upper empty part it is supposed to say Automne, but I would like to change that to Dutch. So I decided to design that when I was back home.

This is what the design looks like:

I hope to get the other 3 seasons done as well. At first I wanted to turn them into threadkeepers, but they’re a tad too big for that. Just have to give it some thought. Any suggestions are welcome.

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