More of St. Charles market

While browsing through Kathy Barrick’s room (Carriage House Samplings) I was able to take some pictures of her models. The pics on the front of the designs really don’t do the real model justice. When you see the real models, your fingers are just itching to start stitching them. It was great fun to meet Anne this time as well (The Goode Huswife) and she promised that she’ll have more new designs out in Nashville.

I took a picture of Kathy and Anne together but promised I wouldn’t publish it on the internet, so alas.

Stitching wise I am trying hard to finish the projects I started during my vacatioin. There are just 2 more to go and then I can concentrate again on the workshops. I need to do some more work on Winter Fantasy, which is a great project to stitch, but not really meant for early morning or late evening stitching. Do more stitchers feel the same way about projects, that some of them can only be stitched on when you have say 2 hours of uninterrupted stitching time? While others can be picked up whenever you have a moment? I certainly suffer from that notion.

If I stitch before going to work, it needs to be something easy, preferably just cross stitch and not too big (which in my case probably means really SMALL LOL). I want to go over my projects and see which ones will be eligible for early morning stitching. There are 3 more months of the year left and since I wanted to finish some UFO’s, I’d better keep track of what I still can do and need to do.

Tomorrow I’ll have some stitching pictures to show.


2 thoughts on “More of St. Charles market

  1. I definitely feel that way about my projects. I try to keep some smaller projects (like the JBW French Country series for example) for when I know I will only have a few minutes to stitch. I also have different projects for daytime and evening stitching. Evening projects are always small to medium-sized designs, usually worked in cotton thread on 32ct fabric. I reserve 36 and 40ct fabric and over-one stitching for daytime, when the light is better.

  2. Oh yes, I definitely need small projects for when I stitch in the car (waiting for something or someone) or at my parents’. And I definitely have projects that need my undivided attention for two hours, if not longer! What I really like is when a project combines both possibilities: mindless stitching and ‘handen in het haar’ kind of difficult, like Fremme’s Blue Lady.

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