Post Olympic update

The last days of the Olympics were a bit too hectic to do any blogging, lots of things going on, fortunately, all good things, just busy. Blogging every day is really an undertaking, I wonder how some people do it. As I’m not much of a person for closing ceremonies (or opening ones for that matter), I didn’t see that much of the OG on Sunday, except for the basket ball finals which I absolutely LOVED. Spain was terrific even though they didn’t win. I guess with all the NBA players on the US team, it’s a little hard to feel much sympathy for them.

Now that the OG are over, the summer is coming to an end as well. Schools started here a few weeks ago, most of my colleagues are back from vacation and everybody is getting ready for the new academic year. Which means that we’re going full speed ahead.

Despite being busy, I did manage to get some stitching done. First of all, the final stitching on my Lisianthus pocket. All 6 squares are done and to be honest, I have already put it together, but will post those pics on Sunday.

I will try to get some close ups from the finished part.

And I started Winter Fantasy by Deb Bee Designs:

You can’t tell from this picture, but the borders are all Scotch Stitch with some Smyrna Crosses. Takes quite a while to get them done, but I love how it’s looking.

And finally, the reason why I couldn’t blog on Friday. We added a new fixture to the shop and I wasn’t home until 9.30pm after which I didn’t really feel like turning on the computer.

As always my mom takes credit for the beautiful painting. Boy, was this thing heavy.

That’s all for now, I will post pics of my Lisianthus pocket on Sunday, I really like how it has turned out.


4 thoughts on “Post Olympic update

  1. Looks beautiful, I come and visit soon to look at your new fixture. And I am so curious about your needlebook. You know I am busy stitching a Periwinkle Design too? The third page from the left looks a lot like mine šŸ™‚

  2. Love all the pictures! Your new blog is great. I really like it when I can put it on my bloglines then I don’t miss any updates and I don’t have to remember to check it :-).

  3. Don’t you just love how fabrics look so wonderful all nicely folded and stacked up? Oh I certainly do.

    And your stitching is so very nice. I really like the stitched pockets. Prima!

    Good stitching wishes,

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