Wishful Wednesday

Olympic update: I don’t think there were many country men or women in action today. The hockey teams played and did well again. I know that everybody said they’d be a candidate for one of the medals, but I am impressed with the way they play and deal with the pressure.

Yesterday I heard an interesting conversation between one of our ex-skaters and a sports psychologist of the US team. Apparently there are 10-12 mental coaches available to the US athletes. Which raised a discussion about whether our Dutch athletes could benefit from mental coaches or not. In a country where admitting you are seeing a psychologist is seen as a weakness, admitting as an athlete that you could use some mental help, is not easy. It will be interesting to see if this will change in the near future.

Stitching update:

I have been working on another exchange gift (a return gift for Carol) which I cannot show for obvious reasons LOL. And I am about ready to start a new workshop project. I will be stitching Winter Fantasy from Deb Bee’s Designs. I changed most of the threads, though not the color. I love the blue colors and think they really give the design a wintery look. Below you can see the threads I chose to work with.

They are: Soie d’Alger, Waterlilies, Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid and Venne Colcotton silk thread.

I am not 100% sure it will all work out the way I have in mind, but time will tell. The design is a composition of specialty stitches and I think it’ll take a while to get it done. Besides, if there are that many and that complicated specialty stitches used in a design, I am not always up to stitching on it.

As for the title of this post, here’s another design I would love to have finished and in my livingroom. It’s one of the Needleprint Quakers, Rebeccah Jeffcoat. It’s not the largest of their designs, but I love how it looks. And I’d really like to have a multi-colored Quaker in my house.

Marne, thank you for your kind compliment on my English. I know it is not perfect, but I love to read and write in English and hope to improve that way. I think it helps that I have some US friends with whom I email back and forth and that I visit the US quite often. When I was in highschool I had extra classes in English because I was doing so poor :). I guess those extra classes really helped.

Gotta go, come back tomorrow for another Thursday Thunder aka Confession Time LOL.


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