Successful Sunday, Monday Madness and Terrific Tuesday

Due to my hay fever I didn’t have the energy to update the weblog as promised, so today you’ll get an overload of OG updates and stitching ramblings.

Olympic update: we seem to be doing better now that the second week of the OG has started. Where to start? On Sunday two of our female rowers won gold, which was a huge accomplishment. They are the first female rowers to win gold for the Netherlands. What I love about their story is that they got bronze in Athens, quit rowing, one became a mother, one started rowing in a different kind of boat, they got together again about a year ago and this is the result.

Then the water polo ladies made it to the finals! I saw their game against Italy and almost couldn’t watch the penalties. Quite stressful LOL. Today they beat Hungary and now they have to face the US in the finals. I don’t think anybody believed they’d win a medal, let along make it to the final.

We got a silver medal in sailing and another silver medal in rowing, the women’s eight. I think the medals which nobody expects are quite special.

Marianne Vos lived up to the expectations and won a gold medal in the Womens Points’ Race, I am soooo happy for her. She’s only 21 and the media talked about her winning 3 gold medals, which I think put an enormous pressure on her. She failed the other two races, but this time she made it.

My absolute favorite though is Anky van Grunsven. She won her 3 gold medal in dressage in a row. I have never met this woman, but greatly admire her. She had an absolute wonderful performance, the music, the horse, the rider….. it was one symphony. And to be able to win the gold medal 3 times in a row is amazing.

There are more medals we might be able to win, the hockey players (both men and women) are doing really well and made it to the quarter finals. And there are the water polo women. And the jumping. NOt sure if we have more chances of winning another medal, but so far I think we’re doing rather well for the small country that we are.


And then there is my stitching. I didn’t get much done thanks to the same hay fever, but on Sunday I did get my exchange gift done. It’s supposed to be a surprise, so I can’t show it completely until the recipient has received it but here is a sneak peak.

No kitting up on Monday Madness, I have so many projects on the go that I have decided that I will at least try to finish 2-3 before I start something new. Or even kit it up :). Too much temptation when it’s all ready to go.

As for today it was Terrific Tuesday all over. I received a gift from Carol in our crazy exchange. I just love it. She said that when I commented on her blog that I wanted to get started on Halloween stitching, she just wanted to stitch something Halloween for me. How sweet is that.

And here is a close up of the floss tag, front and back.

The motifs are from Spooky Time by Lavender Wings. Thanks so much Carol, I just love everything! I will take the tea to work as I really enjoy a nice cup of tea in the afternoon.

And finally for Terrific Tuesday an update on my Happy Home Home Day. It is coming along nicely and I really enjoy stitching it.

That’s all for today. Oh Herma, the 400F is Fahrenheit, so I think for our ovens it would be something like 200 degrees Celsius. And mine are usually in the oven for 25 minutes. Hope this helps. It’s a really tasty recipe.

Tomorrow there will be more Olympic news and stitching.


One thought on “Successful Sunday, Monday Madness and Terrific Tuesday

  1. Annemiek –
    Your English is perfect – did you ever tell us how you are so proficient? I looked at your other blogs but couldn’t tell there.

    Hope the Hay Fever is improved and you are feeling better.

    Great exchanges – aren’t you lucky!

    Good wishes,

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