Fabulous Friday

Olympic update Friday August 15th:

I didn’t get to see much of the OG today. Had to do some errands before I went to the shop, stayed late in the shop and when I got home I felt like going straight to be due to the hay feber. I don’t think we won any medals, but quite a few athletes got through to another series which is great. I am looking forward to the dressage on Tuesday I believe. I just love watching Anky van Grunsven and her horse, it’s poetry in motion.

Stitching update:

Fabulous Fridays is about what makes me feel fabulous with regards to stitching. And there is hardly anything that makes you feel more fabulous than receiving a stitched gift in the mail Michelle was my partner for the Fair and Square exchange round 8 and she sent me some gorgeous squares.

The design is from Erica Michaels, the colors are Michelle’s. And she was kind enough to include them in her package, which I thought was really nice. Thanks Michelle, I love the squares and hope you’ll receive mine soon.

Stitching gifts for friends or strangers (in the case of exchanges) is always a lot of fun. I usually fret over what to stitch for them and what fabric and what threads to select, but once you get started, I really like it. You know the recipient understands the amount of time and love that have gone into a hand crafted gift (I only stitch for other people who appreciate the time and effort).

Lately I have joined the Fair and Square exchange, where you stitch one square for your partner that is only 50 x 50 stitches and another that has your signature. No finishing involved, which makes this a pretty stressless exchange. Other exchanges usually require that you sent a finished item, which is a bit more work, but when you get your envelop, it definitely is worth it.

The exchanges have brought me into contact with lots of different people and it has always been fun to get to know them a little better.

You can go on and read about Simmering Saturdays right after this post as I’ll write that one just about now. The hay fever is luckily a bit less, but I am going to take some medications to make sure I don’t go around sneezing all day.


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