Terrific Tuesday

Olympic update: we have yet another medal, Elisabeth Willeboordse won the bronze medal for judo under 63 kilogrammes. Congratulations! Four days have passed and we got 4 medals. Not bad for a small country. I haven’t seen much of the games today, just a bit before I went to work. Tomorrow I have a day off and I plan to watch more than I did today. The Dutch soccer team is playing again tomorrow and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will get to the next game.

Terrific Tuesday is all about my progress on a project that I am working on. And since I just started Happy Home Home Day, I thought that would be an excellent photo to share LOL. It’s a fun project, not very difficult, I just seem to make a lot of mistakes. I started on another fabric, didn’t like it, started again, made several counting mistakes, but so far it is looking good.

The empty spaces between the letters call for buttons, I think I’ll just check my stash and add whatever I think it suitable. I ran out of Whitewash, so need to pick up a skein when I am back in the shop. I haven’t decided yet how to finish it, I first thought of a pinkeep, but think it might be rather large for that. And I am not 100% sure I can make a flatfold.

This evening I will be taking my parents to the movie, we’re going to see Mama Mia. It sounds like a fun movie and I love ABBA songs, so I’m sure we’ll have a great time.

Herma, you’re too funny suggesting I stitch all 9 squares. The fabric is Belfast 32 count natural, I love this fabric. And the fibers are the new threads from Vaupel & Heilenbeck. I hope that I’ll be able to start it at the end of this month.

Betty, I love the bird too, maybe that’s the one I’ll start. I will definitely post here to report which square won the contest.

Tomorrow is all about wishful thinking. If I had enough time, I’d stitch………..

4 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday

  1. Great progress! A flatfold is really just 2 pinkeeps joined together with a fabric hinge – there’s some good tutorials on the Focus on Finishing blog 🙂

  2. Geniet vanavond van de film. Het eerste weekend dat de film draaide zijn wij al geweest. Wij vonden het een geweldige film en Petra is zelfs al een tweede keer geweest.

  3. I am happy you are also watching the Olympics. I really enjoy it and watch it every day. This morning I watched the Dutch women in the 8 person boat rowing.

    Veel success.

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