Successfull Sundays

So far we have won 2 medals, one gold and one bronze. The gold medal is for the women’s swimming team for the 4 x 100m freestyle. They did a tremendous job and I am so happy for them. The bronze medal is for one of our judoka’s. The soccer team had a very narrow escape against the US, scoring the equalizer in the very last minute. I have to tell you that I didn’t think they’d be able to pull it off. But I am enjoying myself watching all the games and athletes.

Stitching wise I had hoped to be able to share a finish with you, but alas, life came in between me and my stitching time and I didn’t get my project done. I have been working on Happy Home Home Day, but needed to start again as I wasn’t happy with the fabric I had chosen and I had to frog quite a bit. More about that project tomorrow.

Miss Murphy is doing much better, she’s up to her usual tricks and mischief and is eating normally. It will be quite a struggle I think to get her back to the dry food, but I am determined to do that :). The canned food just smells soooooo bad.

Miss Murphy says: who is pulling my tail???? You’d better watch out!

Last week the weather was sort of unstable. At one moment it turned all dark while I was at work, almost like nighttime.

And then seconds later it began to pour, and I mean really POUR and there was a strong wind as well.

I hope you can see in the picture above how terrible the rainfall was, you wouldn’t see anybody on the street and the water just seemed to flow on the street.

That’s all for today, I hope you are enjoying the OG as well and see you tomorrow at Monday Madness.


One thought on “Successfull Sundays

  1. I’m so glad Miss Murphy is feeling better! I was able to get my Taco-cat off canned food recently. I didn’t mind the smell but I didn’t like being screamed at every time I went near the kitchen! It took a few weeks but she doen’t beg for food any longer. And she is quite happy eating her crunchy food.

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