A sick kitty

The past week has been sort of a blurr. Lots to do at work, lots to do at the shop and in between two trips to the vet with Miss Murphy. The past 3 weeks she wasn’t eating properly and throwing up a lot. It would get a little better and then it got worse. Finally, I decided that a trip to the vet was necessary.

Now you have to imagine that getting Murphy in her travel cage isn’t an easy feat. She detest the cage and will do whatever it takes to avoid being in it. And that includes scratching her loving boss as well :). Well, after 3 tries she was finally inside and we could be on our way. Pathetic meowing accompanied me all the way to the vet (which is BTW a 3 minutes drive) and once we got there not a peep. I tell you, this kitty really knows how to play you.

The vet thought she might have an infection in her mouth and so she got a shot and antibiotics for 10 days. I got this nifty little thing to use to “shoot” the pill into her throat and off we went.

Thursday evening Murphy ate a little and looked like she was feeling better. Friday morning I gave her some more food and crossed my fingers for the best. Got home around 7pm and found that apparently it wasn’t an infection in her mouth as she had thrown up all over the place. Yuck, poor Miss Murphy. Off we went to the vet again, this time it only took me 1 try to get her in her cage.

Got a different vet and he thought she had an inflammation of her stomach. Which definitely made more sense to me. She got another shot and new medications, a kind of syrupy liquid that she needs to get 3 times a day. Oh, and I didn’t have to worry about getting it to her, most cats love the stuff and will eat it with their food.

Yep, right! Miss Murphy is not most cats so she decided she didn’t want to eat it through her food and not even through her cat milk (which she normally loves). So, I had to hold her 3 times a day and try to shoot the liquid into her mouth. Anybody who owns a cat will agree, if a cat doesn’t want something to happen, they have a whole box of tricks to avoid it.

As it turns out, I guess Miss Murphy was getting tired of battling with me 3 times a day and decided that if I mixed it through enough canned food, she would be willing to eat it. Pfew, quite a relief I can tell you. She hasn’t thrown up anymore and is really eating better. I don’t know if I will be able to get her back to dry food, but I will definitely give it a try once her medications are gone.

Miss Murphy’s comment: you get really tired from a trip to the vet and what better place to rest than my blanket on my boss’ desk. Now if she would only not bother me again with that pesky white liquid……..

Stitching wise I haven’t done a whole lot last week, too busy with other things. I do have a finish to share with you though. This was stitched a while ago for the Fair and Square exchange number 7. It’s a sort of backstitch heart and was a lot of fun to do. Apparently I didn’t take a picture of the second square with my name on it, oh well, that’s not the most interesting part.

I just realized that part of my being busy last week was that I have been designing some smalls. Glad I remembered that :). It’ll be a while before I can share them here (they need to be stitched for one), they may not be released before the end of the year. But it got my designing mojo back on track and I hope to be able to do some more the coming weeks.

Keep on the outlook for my post on Friday, I have very special plans for the Olympic Games 2008!

2 thoughts on “A sick kitty

  1. Sorry to hear that Miss Murphy has been poorly, I hope she’ll be fully recovered soon.

    I love your exchange heart – very pretty! Who is the designer?

  2. Aaaaah, ik vind het altijd zo erg als een dier ziek is !!! Hopelijk is Miss Murphy snel weer helemaal beter !!!
    Dat hartje is schattig !!
    Patti xx

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