Yellow birds

A few weeks back we visited another supplier and I must admit that we are very excited that we’ll be carrying the kits and books of Haandarbejdsfremme in the shop. This Danish Embroidery Guild started in 1928 and have been producing the most amazing designs. I especially like the more geometrical designs, whereas my mother loves the flowers by Gerda Bengtson.

The kits all have the famous Danish Flower Thread in them and I can tell from personal experience, they stitch wonderfully. There are only 102 colors, no colors have been added since the original line started. Quite amazing don’t you think with the current threads that have so many different colors.

Of course I had to start a small project right away. Below are the Yellow Birds by Edith Hansen. There is also a red and blue version of this kit available. The yellow/green colors just suit me so well, that it wasn’t a hard decision. Contrary to what I originally thought, it did take a while to stitch this as you almost fill the design completely with cross stitch.

We brought along more kits and some booklets as well as 3 different books by Ingrid Plum. I will make some pictures over the weekend so that I can share them here. The shop’s site will be updated early next week.

Inspired by these designs, I went on a library search (both my mom’s and my own books) and it turns out we have 3 older books by Haandarbejdtsfremme. The books are from the late 70’s and what really amazes me is that quite a few of the designs still appeal to me. No doubt you’ll see more birds in the coming months as I just LOVE those birds.

Patti, de plastic mappen komen bij de Action weg, ze zijn heel goedkoop, ik geloof 40 cent per stuk. En ik vind ze ideaal. Ik hoop dat je ze kunt krijgen.

2 thoughts on “Yellow birds

  1. Bedankt Annemiek, gelukkig hebben we een Action in de buurt, dus ik ga vandaag meteen kijken !!!
    Ja, de designs van de Fremme zijn tijdloos .. ik moet ook nog ergen een stuk of 3 Fremme kalenders hebben liggen , met iedere maand een patroontje … vroeger ooit bij Ariadne besteld 🙂
    Patti xx

  2. Just wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog, and have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please stop by my blog to pick up the award.


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