A bad case of starteritis

For the past 3 weeks I have been holding off the urge to start something new, preferably something small, quick and fun. I told myself firmly that I had so many projects around that I should stitch on them instead of starting a new one. Yesterday however, I gave in and started and finished a small project. Here’s how the day went.

9.30am kitting up the design

9.45am while I am kitting up a new design, I might as well kit up a few more designs

10.30am hmmmm, let’s change the fabric and stitch it over one

(sorry no picture of the fabric swap)

1.30pm first part accomplished, however, if I want to finish it as a scissor fob, wouldn’t it be nice to have a back that is a little more interesting than white fabric?

1.45pm decision made, yes it is definitely in need of a nice looking back.

5.00pm (I got sidetracked and put down the project for a while, wouldn’t want y’all to think I am the slowest stitchers on the Western Hemisphere). Mission accomplished, a nice back is stitched.

JBW Designs – A Very Merry Summer

Fabric – 28 count evenweave

Threads – Sampler Threads

7pm Let’s get the cordwinder out and make a neat cording for the scissor fob. Drats, the cordwinder is at the shop. What to do now??????? Of course, let’s start another project while we’re still in the mood (anybody want to make a guess as to which design this is?).

It is Monday now and my starteritis virus is over. Don’t ya just love those one day viruses? Now it’s back to my UBU and other projects. Maybe this coming Sunday I will have another one day virus. I definitely need to remember to take the cordwinder from the shop on Friday, as I’d love to really finish this scissor fob. At least this project took care of my starteritis.

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