LHN Exchange received

Carol had my name for the HOE LHN Exchange and she stitched me a wonderful scissor fob. She used Blossoms and Blackbirds, one of my favorite charts, over ONE and turned it into a lovely fob. I copied the pics from her weblog as my camera wasn’t cooperating.

She included some wonderful goodies, including a pair of Gingher scissors, which are by far my most favorite scissor brand. Thanks Carol, I loved everything.

In the meantime I have picked up my Rosina Luger project. I am halfway through part 6 and need to get some serious stitching done on this project before the summer is over. Even though the bands are not very wide (2.5 inches or 6,25cm) the whole fabric is covered with stitches and it takes a while to get one part done. But it is such a beautiful project to work on.

Next week is my week off from work. I won’t have my official vacation until September and needed this week to tide me over. There is a trip planned to a German supplier but other than that, NOTHING. Which I hope means I will get a lot of stitching done. I am really itching to work on my needlepoint canvases again. It’s been quite a while and I really would like to get my Limited Edition santa from Pat Thode done before the end of the year. I could get it framed as a Christmas pressent for myself. Here is what the fellow looks like on canvas:

2 thoughts on “LHN Exchange received

  1. Carol’s fob to you is great and what nice goodies too. I agree you need to do the Pat Thode Santa he is amazing looking. Sounds like you will have time with a week off. Happy Stitching, CJ P.S. Love the new blog

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